Vedas - Volumes of Vision!

Hinduism is being looked upon as potent Spiritual Power that offers solutions to confronting problems on World canvas. The wise men across the globe realize that there is more to India than Agriculture, folk- lore and cotton. A world opinion is emerging that life can be much easier, richer and better by following Vedic teachings like-meditation, yoga, humaneness and other good practices. But only a very small section of the population across the world has access to Vedas and a larger population is still away from its vital reach. The reasons are notthe unavailability of the Vedas or product's price point. But the real issues are- the language of the Vedas is complex, compositions are transcendental instead of simple, and the text itself is very difficult to understand as it speaks of deep wisdom. The Vedas are a complex mystery to solve even when one is really interested in browsing through these oldest living books of human civilization.

A perfect Solution! 

We have worked hard to make the reading of the Vedas simpler, easy to understand and universal in nature so that it can impart timeless wisdom worldwide. After 20 years of diligent research, we have accomplished our goal and created VED MANJUSHA.

Embrace New Light to Shine!

Unlike other encyclopedias on religion or philosophy, this Encyclopedia does not have any inclination towards any specific institution, school of thought or sect. Rather, it is an unbiased eff
ort of great scholars, from all over India, to bring out a Wisdom Canopy, wherein seekers of sacred knowledge can gather and grow in its shelter.

The purpose of this unique Encyclopedia is to spread awareness about life and off
er practical life wisdom woven in the form of rituals, sutras, principles, doctrines, processes and educational content. It is aimed to enlighten the human psyche, open pathways to attain bliss and grant empowering practices by higher streams of testified knowledge.

For the seekers of holistic life based on spiritual principles of positive values, this compilation is a revisit to the Golden Era of All Times. Moreover, it's a one-source-to-all Ancient Knowledge Bank for the scholars as well as beginners, who intend to pursue their studies in Vedas or Vedic literature with curious mindset and research motives.