Man behind the Mission!

The Encyclopedia of Vedas or Ved Manjusha is a project visualized and managed by Neeta Prakashan –a known Educational and Spiritual Publication House. It is being looked upon as one of the prime National publishing set-up, focusing on educational upliftment, by its publications. Under the patronage of his mother, Smt. Shanti Devi Gupta, the CEO of the publishing house, Rajesh Gupta, the director, has brought out this Encyclopedia to carry forward the spiritual legacy of his father-Late Radhey Shyam Gupta.

As the Chief Editor of the Encyclopedia, Rajesh Gupta observes

“Many universities, libraries, and museums are already working on collecting data on mantras, meditational practices and scientific theories that provide deep insight into the Vedas' philosophies. Therefore the project took on a more extensive form in order to make it more accessible to all, as comprehended by us.”

Since Vedas are considered the fountainheads of spiritualism, which is the belief in things that transcends materialism, so, it is a deliberate attempt to maintain the lucidity and sanctity of the texts of ancient wisdom in modern context by the publisher. Most of the facts are cross-referenced from articles or its sister projects. 

 “If you've always wanted to learn about the Vedas but never knew from where to start, these volumes of work will leave you fascinated” -assures Rajesh Gupta.

Acharya Ved Prakash Shastri 

He remains a great scholar of Vedic literature and proficient master of Sanskrit language and is regarded as a proven spiritual authority on scriptures and a visionary par excellence. He had over 60 years of bonding with Neeta Prakashan's founder, Shri Radhey Shyam Gupta who himself was an elevated soul with command over Spiritual subjects. Acharya Ved Prakash invested twenty years of his hard work with dedicated efforts in cross-referencing voluminous works on Vedas and developed this masterpiece, practically content rich and authentic. During this compilation, challenges surfaced and on many occasions, it appeared that work would be stalled. But his unwavering faith in divine power, backed by the strong will of Shri Radhey Shyam Gupta, helped to create a momentum, to successfully accomplish this herculean task. His contribution in bringing forth the legacy of our National & Cultural heritage in a unique document and that too in a scientific format, is something which the future generations will never forget. 

Prof Puran Chand Tandon 

He is a renowned scholar of Hindi literature and meticulously translated the Sanskrit texts into the popular readable language of the masses. His creative translation invoked liveliness of the centuries old sacred texts and converted the whole work into a classic easy-to-comprehend literature. Prof. Tandon not only discerned subtle meaningfulness of the highly profound mantras of the Vedas but also transformed them into reader-friendly texts. Though Prof. Tandon assisted Acharya Ved Prakash as co-editor in designation but in fact, he performed as an extra pair of hands and eyes. His creativity and grip on the subject has brilliantly enriched this one-of-a-kind literary work to timeless proportions.