This MASTERPIECE was the life dream of Late Radhey Shyam Gupta, Founder of Neeta Prakashan, a devout social-thinker, a great scholar of Sanskrit and Culture. His vision was to bring Mahaveda, a practical combination of four Vedas, comprehensible to a common man. In fact, he wanted to present the Ancient Knowledge of India to the modern society, for the greater welfare of mankind. 

Shri Rajesh Gupta, Director of Neeta Prakashan, devoted his efforts in keeping the spirit of his father's dream alive and charted the everyday progress as the Chief Editor of VED MANJUSHA.

Shri Radhey Shyam Gupta's vision was turned into concrete reality by Shri Ved Prakash Shastri, a renowned scholar and spiritual authority with expertise in Vedic and Sanskrit literature. His 20 years of unstinted efforts, guidance and handholding resulted in the formation of a classic piece of Indian spiritual and philosophical compendium.

Historical works that aim to impart wisdom for coming generations need mammoth efforts in every possible direction. So, a meticulous team was involved in the creation of this magnificent project since its inception. 

The Sanskrit version of the Vedas were further translated in Hindi by Prof. Puran Chand Tandon, and made it reader-friendly. He worked in the capacity of Co-editor to Mr. Ved Prakash Shastri. Prof. Tandon diligently attributed morals and meanings to the Slokas of Vedas. 

The compiled work has been monitored, analyzed, proof-read and edited by a learned body, comprising the Editorial Board. Every member of this board belongs to an academic institution of repute and possesses proven wisdom and vision in the field of spiritual legacy of India.