Director's Message

Encyclopaedia of Vedas-VED MANJUSHA is the cornerstone of knowledge and understanding, providing a reliable resource for millions of people worldwide. By this endeavor, one'll have access to everything knowledgeable in respect to ancient understanding of life and modern concepts of human enlightenment, at one’s fingertips. With this effort, now anyone searching for the roots of life and fruits of efforts, can access itfrom any place on earth and get profound answers instantly. The real purpose it serves to humanity is –Upliftment through Knowledge. With the ever-changing world of information, there is no denying that it is becoming more and more difficult to find trustworthy resources. Ved Manjusha displays its role here. It provides in-depth and accurate knowledge on various topics of human race. It helps in better understanding and nurturing the holistic growth of the learner. It is an authoritative source of information, whose benefit can be imposed upon by students, teachers and scholars –just by having it in their personal possession. 

RAJESH GUPTA           

Director - Neeta Prakashan