Vedas - Jewels of Wisdom

Vedas are guidebooks of eternal wisdom which illuminate the universal intellect!

The Vedas are acknowledged as great books of eternal knowledge today but their beginning was quite mystical. Hindus, at large, attribute the appearance of Vedas to be “Apauruseya” which means "not of a man, Superhuman.”

It appeared in the form of universal vibrations first. It was then understood by the sages who heard them as creative song of the universe, or in simple words, primal sound vibrations of the universe and passed it on to the next generations in oral tradition, i.e., shruti parampara.

This parampara or tradition continued for quite some time and finally led to formal writing of the Vedas thattook place during 1500-1200BCE. 

“Veda”, a Sanskrit word that simply means “Knowledge.” 

The Vedas provide beliefs and wisdom about the origin and purpose of the universe, the nature of life and afterlife, ethics and moral code, how to follow path of righteousness for an elevated life- among other issues of greater research. Till date, for a significant section of Indians, the Vedas hold a higher place as spiritual manual, to understand diverse aspects a

There are Four Vedas 

Rig Veda, the oldest of the works comprised of 10 books (known as the mandalas) of 1,028 hymns of 10,600 verses. These verses deal with proper religious observances and practices.

Sama Veda, or Melody Knowledge, comprised of 1,549 stanzas and comprised of two sections-melodies and verses.

Yajur Veda, or Worship of Knowledge, covers recitations, mantras, chants, and ritual worship sutras, necessary as worship services. It carries 1,875 verses on the rites of religious observances.

 Atharva Veda is quite different from the other three Vedas with a collection of 760 hymns and 20 books, comprising magical spells, prayers, initiation rituals etc.

Each Veda has four subdivisions


mantras & benedictions


texts on rituals, ceremonies, sacrifices and symbolic sacrifices


commentaries on rituals, ceremonies and sacrifices


texts discussing meditational practices, philosophy and spiritual knowledge