Uniqueness of the Product

VED MANJUSHA is uniquely produced with a scientific approach. Purpose is to get to the subject line easily and fast. All the subject th topics of the Vedas are covered in 16 books and the 17 volume is an indexing volume that will help the reader in finding a particular sloka on a subject or topic. This makes the application of the Encyclopedia swift, apt and modern.

The mantras or richaas (hymns) of the Vedas are arranged in alphabetical order. It has been done by taking the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet as base and aligning them with the letters of the English alphabet simultaneously. 

The richaas start with vowels of Sanskrit language. Then, consonants roll out in other successive volumes. Every richaa commences with the original text in Sanskrit. It is then followed by its English and Hindi translations, as well.

Firstly, every richaa denotes in its header the first translator of that richaa. These timeless wisdom sutras originated from the celestial sky in the form of vibrations. These vibrations were received by the respective sages in intense meditation and then translated by that enlightened sage for general comprehension. 

Secondly, the highlight in the header of the richaa tells to which Demigod it belongs to or is uttered for! 

Thirdly, the highlight in the header of every richaa also gives its way of singing or chanda (poetic metre). 

Such magnificent arrangement allows the reader, at a glance, to glimpse the essential elements of the entire composition in the header itself.

At the bottom of every richaa, is mentioned the Veda from which it is taken along with its mandal, sukta and mantra number. 

Every richaa is marked by the subject or category to which it belongs, such as political science, spiritual science, physical science etc. This is an admirable feature of this scholarly work and is of great assistance. Just below it, comes the sub-subject or the essence of the richaa. Another, noteworthy point of this unprecedented work is that at the base of every richaa, it offers the message or teaching of the richaa to comprehend its context and learning, for better illumination. 

The Encyclopedia is currently available in print format for the World readers to access it easily. The real purpose of this Encyclopedia is to facilitate a knowledge transfer without altering the beauty and scope of original wisdom of the World's oldest sacred texts